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This site is designed to provide you with a resource for produce scales used at the farmers market. We generally don't get into the debate of what is the best cities for farmers markets or where are the best farmers markets in florida? People do ask us from time to time but we really don't know which are the best across the country. In most cases, they're all good. So if you're looking for best farmers markets in the country or better yet, what are the best farmers markets in America, we can't answer that. But we can help you find the perfect scale for selling fruits and vegetables by the pound at those same farmers markets. One consistently top seller in the retail scale industry has been the Rice Lake RS-130. Please see the product information below for additional detail.

Rice Lake RS130 Retail Scale

The Rice Lake RS-130 is an NTEP certified Legal for Trade scale with customer display on rear of unit. This compact design makes it easy to transport and the rechargeable battery makes it completely portable. Features ability to switch between lbs kilograms and ounces. Plus it computes customer change for you. 30 x 0.01 lbs. Very popular and features Rice Lake reputation for high quality. This scale is fairly compact so if you are looking for a scale with a large weighing platter, this might not be the ideal choice. However this scale is a nice legal for trade scale and has a great brand name in Rice Lake.








Thanks for visiting our site. Our goal is to provide you with some really good buying information for purchasing scales to be used at your local farmers market. We are big fans of the fresh strawberries that can be purchased at the market. We even like a few of the vegetables too. Hopefully this site will help you to make the correct buying decision. You can still search and find a rare used price computing scale or see the website that promotes used farmers market scales for sale and used hanging scales for sale but generally it's tough to find many places that are offering those products on a regular basis.


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