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We are sometimes asked do you need a calibration weight to put on a scale and sometimes you might be able to get away without a weight but generally it is highly recommended that you use real certified test weights for scale calibration. Not just any weights, they ideally need to be certified weights or weight kits. The weighing scale calibration procedure is roughly the same for most average size scales.

For the most part you should call in the professionals when it comes time to cal a scale. The pro's have the experience and the right equipment. From time to time we get asked for operator manuals or user guides for scales. Most of the time the scale calibration procedures are listed in those manuals, however sometimes they are not.

We are sometimes asked how to check scale calibration or how often to do scale calibration and the answers can vary depending on your situation. For most scales it is a good idea to have them checked at least a couple times a year. Depending on how important scales are in your business, you might want to have our factory trained technicians check them every month or every quarter.

One of the tremendous advantages that our scale repair and service provides you is factory training and certified scale calibration weights and weight kits. When we check your equipment it is checked with accurate weights and the accuracy is written down on our scale calibration report and we place labels on your devices which shows the date they were checked and the due date for the next service.

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