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Portable produce scales are a must for use at the farmers market. That is why battery operated produce scales are pretty much the standard choice at most places. Old produce scales for sale can save you some money but usually come with no warranty. Simply key in the price per pound and set the vegetables on the scale and it calculates the total charges. Every now and then you might see used hanging produce scales for sale but the odds are you will have to buy a brand new set, which isn't that bad. At least you will get a warranty that is still active. We offer many of the top brands of scales in the country. Names like Ohaus, Brecknell, CAS, Rice Lake, and Detecto. Garden produce scales are an easy way for you to grow some vegetables and take them to the produce stand and sell them for some extra money that goes into your pocket. Remember, be sure to buy certified produce scales that are NTEP approved legal for trade for class 3. We don't recommend looking at cheap produce scales since in most cases they aren't legal for trade. The scales below should be excellent choices for most applications. Of course for years one of the top sellers in this industry was the model 8433 retail scale. That scale was finally replaced by the Tiger II which was replaced by the XRT-2710 and XRT-3710 and that was replaced by the RE15US and RE30US. Now, Ohaus has come out with a new scale they call the Aviator 7000. The Aviator 7000 has been designed to offer great value in order to guarantee the robustness, operating speed and accuracy you need, whatever your retail environment. The Light-Touch layer keyboard is setting standards thanks to its fast operation, easy cleaning and cost efficiency, while the large 4-line LCD including separate tare line makes daily tasks simple. For secure and easy transportation the Aviator 7000 includes practical design features such as Ergo grips and integrated cable storage. In addition it offers point of sale (POS) protocol support. Overall the Aviator 7000 offers you a complete package of features rarely seen on an entry level price-computing scale.

We often get asked what are the best produce scales for use at the farmers market? The truthful answer is that it really depends on what you're looking to do. If you have a lot of customers, you are not going to want to put your vegetables into a hanging scale scoop and wait for it to stop moving and show a steady weight reading. Then, after that, do the math to determine the price your customer owes you. It would be much easier for you to buy a legal for trade digital price computing scale that can display the weight and the total price so that both you and your customer can easily see the total charges. You might even connect a label printer to your scale. But if you work at a small produce stand and have a few customers every hour a lower cost digital scale or mechanical dial scale would not be out of the question for you.




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