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This site is designed to provide you with a resource for produce scales used at the farmers market. Our goal on this site is to help you find the perfect scale for selling fruits and vegetables by the pound at your local farmers market. Portable produce scales are a must for use at the farmers market. That is why battery operated produce scales or hanging produce scales are pretty much the standard choice at most places. Old produce scales for sale can save you some money but usually come with no warranty which can be a problem. Mechanical produce scales can save you some money and you don't have to worry about batteries or finding an outlet to plug your scale into. Plus you don't have to worry about charging your scale battery the night before you go out to the farmers market. Hanging produce scales for sale can really be a great thing for many customers. But many customers really like being able to key in the price per pound and set the vegetables or berries on the scale and it calculates the total charges that your customer owes you.

Every now and then you might see used hanging produce scales for sale but the odds are you will probably be better off purchasing a brand new set, which isn't that bad. At least you will get a warranty that is still active. We offer many of the top brands of scales in the country. Names like Chatillon, Ohaus, Brecknell, CAS, Rice Lake, and Detecto. We used to offer Avery Berkel but now that has been sold off to Hobart. Garden produce scales are an easy way for you to grow some vegetables and take them to the produce stand and sell them for some extra money that goes into your pocket. Remember, be sure to buy certified produce scales that are NTEP approved legal for trade for class 3. We don't recommend looking at cheap produce scales since in most cases they aren't legal for trade which could get you in trouble with your local or state weights and measures inspector.


Hopefully, the information will be useful to anyone looking to set up a produce stand at their local farmers market. In the old days most sellers would use hanging scales at the farmers market. They were easy to use and reliable. But as technology has advanced, so to have scales for the farmers market. If you visit most vendors today and you will see one or two digital scales with a display facing the seller and a display facing the buyer. Digital scales at the farmers market are pretty common today. There are many different brands and models of produce weighing scales available. Many times a vendor can survey a handful of their friends who are also selling to determine what they think of a particular scale. Vintage produce scales like the old Toledo 8433 used to be the ideal scale for most every seller. However, as technology advanced and pressure for lower price products began to take over the market, newer products began to take over the industry. You can still search and find a rare used produce scale or see the website that promotes used produce scales for sale and used hanging produce scales for sale but generally it's tough to find too many places that are offering those products.


Typically, these days if you are looking to sell produce by the pound at the farmers market, you may want to start out and get your feet wet with a used digital produce scale. This product needs to be NTEP approved for class III and be legal for trade. This is pretty much the standard for any scales to weigh produce. Doesn't matter if you're talking about selling in Toledo, OH or anywhere else in the U.S. In most cases you will need a legal for trade scale. It can be mechanical or digital but it should be legal for trade. We mention this because if you do some searching you can find produce scales on ebay, among other places that are not legal for trade and if you buy one of those it could come back to haunt you when the state inspector shuts you down.


When you do finally make the decision to purchase a scale and sell at the market each week, what capacity will you need? The standard is thirty pounds. However, there are scales with six pound capacities and there are some with over 100 pound capacities. So if you have larger weight items that you want to sell by the pound, we can get you a scale to do that in most cases. Now if you're selling small strawberries or apples, you don't want to use the same scale to weigh heavy pumpkins or watermelons. It might make sense for you to choose a small capacity scale like a 15 pound model and a larger model, perhaps a 60 pound capacity. That way you are making more money per transaction depending on the scale you are using.


Every now and then we do see used hanging produce scales on sale but it is pretty rare to see that. Antique produce scales used to be quite expensive too. Small free standing produce scales for retail establishments are now available too. It used to be that you really only had a couple of choices when it came to the size of a legal for trade price calculating scale. However, today there are lots of sizes to choose from that will hopefully work with your counter top and your budget.

We often get asked what are the best produce scales for farmers markets? The honest answer is that it really depends on what you're looking to do. If you have a lot of customers, you are not going to want to put your vegetables into a hanging scale's scoop and wait for it to stop and show a steady reading. Then do the math to determine the price. It would be much easier for you to buy a digital price computing scale that can display the weight and the total price so that both you and your customer can easily see the total charges.

In addition to certified produce scales, we also offer carrying cases which make transporting your price computing scale from your house to the produce stand very easy and very safe. Produce scales for farmers market don't have to cost a fortune. There are many high quality brands that are affordable and built to provide you years of trouble free use. As we mentioned earlier, you many see some used hanging produce scales for sale posted somewhere, but in the long run you might be better off sticking with something that is brand new that has a warranty. The same thing might apply for the digital variety too. Old produce scales for sale may sound like a good deal but it might be better to invest in a new set with a warranty.

Finally, scales for weighing produce might seem like a complicated subject but it really isn't that difficult. Farm produce scales are designed to give you a chance to set your own price based on how much fruits or vegetables you are selling. The customer wins because they are paying for what they buy and not some bucket that may or may not contain a reasonable amount of product. As mentioned earlier auction produce scales can be a real gamble since many are not Class 3 legal for trade and could get you shut down if your state inspector looks at your scale. So if you're going to start out at the market, be on the look out for digital produce scales for sale and make sure they are designed to be used as commercial produce scales or sometimes called certified produce scales. Fortunately, we have a complete selection of these scales on this website that will work perfectly for your needs.




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