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In the past most sellers of fruits would use hanging scales at the farmers market. They were easy to use and reliable. But as technology has advanced, so to have scales for the farmers market. If you visit most vendors today and you will see one or two digital scales with a display facing the seller and a display facing the buyer. Digital scales at the farmers market are pretty common today. There are many different brands and models of produce weighing scales available. Many times a vendor can survey a handful of their friends who are also selling to determine what they think of a particular scale. One new name to the retail world is Brecknell. This brand is a well known brand in the light industrial market and now with their PC series, they have a really nice price computing scale that is legal for trade and has displays on both the front and back.

Brecknell PC-30

Brecknell PC-30 NTEP legal for trade price computing scales are well built portable electronic price computing scales ideal for use where counter space and economy are important considerations. With the PC series, Brecknell Scale has taken weighing technology to a new level to offer an unbeatable package to farmers market vendors to candy shop retailers everywhere. Capacity is 30 x 0.01 lbs.



Our goal is to provide you with some really good buying information for purchasing scales to be used at your local farmers market. We are big fans of the fresh strawberries that can be purchased at the market. We even like a few of the vegetables too. Hopefully this site will help you to make the correct buying decision.


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