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Of course our goal on this site is to provide you with outstanding knowledge and information regarding NTEP legal for trade scales that you would use at the produce stand or local farmers market. Our goal is to help you find the perfect scale for selling fruits and vegetables by the pound at your local farmers market. Portable produce scales are almost essential for most sellers these days. It's really one of the most fair ways to sell your fruits and vegetables. The customer gets exactly what they pay for and the seller sets the price that he/she needs to charge in order to make a profit. So with that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to put together a top 3 list of scales that we felt were the best choices.

Honestly, this is a tough one because there are actually quite a few good retail scales out there currently. But we looked at each of the choices and analyzed their features and benefits and made our selections. One thing we also did was we took into account the brand reputation along with the reliability we've seen over the years as well as the helpfulness of the scale manufacturer. Also, we want to make one comment before we begin. The fact is we don't sell every brand in the market, so our list is not all inclusive. There may be a scale(s) that doesn't make our list. That doesn't mean it's not a great scale, it just means that it didn't make our list based on our experiences. So let's go ahead and name our best price computing scales for the money in 2017.


1. CAS S2000 JR

The S2000JR from CAS is the top choice when it comes to retail price computing scales for this year. This scale provides the scale owner with a number of key features at an impressive price. When you factor in a two year warranty, relatively easy to install optional label printer and dual range capacity, it makes the CAS S2000 JR an easy choice to be our number one rated scale for this year. The scale has three different maximum capacity choices. 15 lb, 30 lb or 60 lb. The scale also has a choice of either a standard countertop scale or a scale with tower display. Finally, the scale even has a choice of either LCD or VFD display. CAS provides fairly good service and repairs from their USA facilities. If you're looking to do basic labels that show price per pound and total, this is probably the easiest choice in the marketplace. Overall, this is our number one recommended scale.



Those of us in the scale industry know how impressive Rice Lake Weighing Systems scales are. They are generally reliable and designed to last for years. The RS130 is no exception. The RS130 is a little smaller than most price computing scales we've seen over the years but it has some nice features including the ability to compute customer change and the ability to compute price per ounce. The scale has a 30 x 0.01 lb capacity. The company recently updated this product line to now offer a 60 pound capacity and they also offer a tower display option as well. Overall a very good choice for customers looking for brand name high quality electronic scales that you can trust.




The Ohaus Aviator 7000 retail scale is the latest in a line of high quality retail scales from Ohaus. When you trace this scale back through the years, it takes you back to the days of the old Mettler Toledo 8433, Tiger II and the XRT-3710. These were fantastic scales back in the day. The Aviator 7000 builds on that legacy with some really nice features including the ability to have either D Cell batteries or rechargeable batteries. Normally that is not a choice, it's either one or the other. The scale also has choice of capacity, 30 lb or 60 lb. Finally, you can also choose a tower display option if you wish.



We did have several other scales that almost made our Top 3 but just missed the cut... We'll list those below.



Just remember when you're shopping for digital scales you need to do your homework and determine what are the key features you are going to be needing for your new scale. Do you need it to have a certain capacity? Does it need to be portable? Do you need battery power? Do you need a tower display? Do you need to connect a label printer? All of these are questions that you need to answer to determine which scale will work best for you.






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